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Io Corro Per Loro Regulations

Article 1 - Event

IO CORRO PER LORO (I RUN FOR THEM) is a festive, non-competitive event (no official timing, no ranking), the aim of which is to mobilise a large public in favour of the Federazione Italiana Associazioni Genitori Oncoematologia Pediatrica Onlus (Italian Federation of Paediatric Oncohaematology Parents' Associations), subsequently defined by its acronym FIAGOP Onlus, with the aim of supporting research against childhood cancer.

Article 2 - Organiser

IO CORRO PER LORO is organised by FIAGOP Onlus, whose head office is in Via Monte Santo, 52 00195 Rome.

Article 3 - Date and place

IO CORRO PER LORO will take place on Sunday 16 October 2022 in the gardens of the Villa Borghese in Rome.

Article 4 - Tracks

Participants can walk a 3 km track or run a 6km route.

Article 5 - Conditions of participation

IO CORRO PER LORO is open to all and without age limits. It is expressly stated that all participants take part in the event under their sole responsibility. Participants declare that they are in good physical shape and in good health to be able to walk or run at the pace of their preference and along the route they have chosen, which is not timed.

Participants undertake to provide correct information when registering for IO CORRO PER LORO and to collect donations with the minimum amounts specified in article 6 below.

Underage participants must provide parental authorisation in order to participate, whatever the chosen route.

Article 6 – Registration

Registration for IO CORRO PER LORO takes place online on the event website in two steps:

  1. The participant fills in the online registration form and pays the registration fee of €10.
  2. The participant creates his or her own online fundraising page on the IO CORRO PER LORO website, through which he or she raises funds for the benefit of FIAGOP Onlus, aimed at scientific research in the field of paediatric tumours; each participant must raise 200€, with the exception of minors and students under 25 years of age who must raise 100€ (the "Minimum Amount") and children under 10 years who have to pay the €10 registration but may participate whatever they raise.

It is necessary to accept these regulations in order to register for IO CORRO PER LORO.

Registration is final and confirmed when the participant has collected the Minimum Amount or more. Bibs will only be handed out on 16 October to participants whose registration is final and confirmed as defined below.

In order to be considered, funds must be raised through the runner's personal fundraiser open on the event website.

Registration is personal and final and cannot be refunded for any reason, even if the participant fails to raise the minimum amount. No transfer of registration is permitted for any reason whatsoever. Anyone transferring their bib number to a third person will be held responsible in the event of an accident during the event. The organiser declines all responsibility in the event of damage or accidents in the event of a bib transfer.

Any participant who has not collected the Minimum Amount will not be entitled to participate in IO CORRO PER LORO and their registration will not be confirmed. Any donations collected will in any case go into the fund dedicated to financing research.

Article 7 – Jersey numbers & t-shirts

The race-bibs will be provided at the event venue on condition that the participant shows the staff his identity card and the confirmation email (printed or on smartphone).

The bib number will be delivered only on condition that the participant has raised the minimum amount through his/her personal fundraising page. The bibs must be collected by the time indicated in the confirmation email sent to participants. After this time, no bib number can be collected.

The organiser of IO CORRO PER LORO cannot be held responsible if participants request their bib after the time indicated in the confirmation email and if the organiser can no longer provide a bib.

The bib must be attached to the participant's shirt and remain visible throughout the duration of the race.

Article 8 – Code of good conduct

Participants are required to respect the rules of behaviour in the race village and along the route. In the event of non-compliance, the participant may be excluded from the event and prevented from taking part in subsequent editions of the event. In particular, the following behaviour is prohibited:

  • Any commercial activity (for instance sale of food or drinks).
  • The installation of booths outside of the reserved booths, which are especially provided for.
  • Any release of balloons.
  • The presence of music or marching bands, unless an authorisation was applied for and expressly granted.

In order to preserve the environment and natural spaces that will be crossed, it is strictly prohibited to throw its waste on the tracks. Dust bins will be placed inside of the village and at the refueling stations.

Participants must keep their waste until they have reached the specific places provided to throw them away. Any participant who damages the environment can be excluded from the event.

Participants under age must be under the supervision of their parents or the people legally in charge at all times.

Even when the participant exercises on the (non signposted) tracks proposed by FIAGOP, he.she undertakes to :

  • comply with the traffic rules,
  • to abstain from using a track that was marked as “forbidden access”,
  • sign up for an insurance coverage for its own physical damages and the physical and material damages caused to a third party on the day of the event,
  • not to throw its waste on the roads,
  • not to damage fauna and flora around him.her,
  • not to throw balloons,
  • comply with the noise regulations in force.

Article 9 - Property damage

FIAGOP cannot be held responsible in the event of damages (theft, loss, breaking…) to the participants’ personal goods even when such personal goods are under the custody of FIAGOP. Accordingly, participants cannot sue FIAGOP for any damage caused to their personal goods and are responsible for the subscription to a proper insurance scheme to cover any loss they may endure.

Article 10 - Stock Image

When registering to IO CORRO PER LORO, every participant expressly authorises FIAGOP and its successors to take, reproduce and present on any support whatsoever and by any means the participants’ images, names, voices and more generally their sporting performance during the IO CORRO PER LORO event (including pictures shared with FIAGOP through its platform or social media) without any counterpart or remuneration in any form whatsoever, on any existing or future type of format or medium for any public communication in the whole world, for any use including for commercial purposes or advertisement, and for the whole duration usually granted under the regulations, regulatory, judiciary or arbitration decisions providing for intellectual property rights in every country, including pursuant to existing or future international agreements and for all the extensions to the initial duration.

Every participant expressly and irrevocably authorises FIAGOP and its successors, for the purposes of advertisement campaigns and promotional or commercial campaigns, to:

  • Modify by subtracting or adding details, which FIAGOP will deem useful to use the images under the conditions described above.
  • Associate or combine a participant’s image with signatures, tag lines, mottos, legends, signs, legal fields, visuals and generally, with any element of any kind chosen by FIAGOP in order to illustrate the communication tools in which the image will be integrated.

Article 11 - Intellectual property rights

Marks, domain names, products, software, images, videos, texts or more generally any object of intellectual property are and remain the exclusive property of the organisers. Acceptance of these rules does not imply any transfer of intellectual property rights. Any reproduction, modification or use of all or part of these assets for any reason whatsoever is strictly forbidden.

Article 12 - Cancellation

In the event of adverse weather conditions or if security requires it, the organiser is authorised to cancel or interrupt the organisation of the IO CORRO PER LORO event.

The organiser has the right to change the route at any time. In the event of unfavourable weather conditions (heavy rain, high risk of thunderstorms...), the start time of the race may be delayed by a couple of hours at the most, after which the race will be cancelled. In case of cancellation or interruption of the race, for any reason whatsoever, the registration fees will not be refunded and the donations collected for the benefit of FIAGOP Onlus will not be returned.

By participating in the event IO CORRO PER LORO, you accept these rules and regulations without any possible derogation.